About this Site

“Finding your way to okay” means developing acceptance.  Acceptance is not resignation.  It is not “giving up” or being passive.  Instead, developing acceptance means replacing the psychological struggle between what we wish life was with acknowledging what life actually is.  (We waste so much time and energy struggling.)  While giving practical, action-oriented advice, this site combines eastern- and western-religious insights with neuropsychological science to help people develop a more balanced approach to living.

If this is the first time visiting this blog, you may wish to click on “Developing Acceptance” under the “My Blogs” tab to get more information about acceptance and mindfulness.  Interested readers may also wish to read a sample of my recently published book, Becoming Okay (When You’re Not Okay), which is available exclusively on Amazon.  Just click the link below.  (You can get more information about the book on the My Book tab.)


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